Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hiya friends

I'm sitting at a café, sipping a decaf latte and having a wonderful cranberry apple muffin. I have a doc's appointment and wanted to get a few things done beforehand, but all the stores are closed so here I am.

I've been so busy lately, but my mind is constantly mulling over the 'Find the Common Thread Pajama Day' concept. I will be putting something out on Facebook. I have an idea how we can all make ourselves known. How we can stir the pot. How we can make people stand up and notice. I have a logo that's been dancing around in my head and it's almost done, but it's gonna get us all united. Yup. I'm thinking it will.

I have other stuff I wanna talk about, but my time on this computer is running out so I will throw the other thoughts out in the ether after my docs visit today. It's nothing important but it's in there.



  1. Talk to us, Marta. Tell us your Hopes, Dreams, and Visions for the Future. Even those of us who have deliberately eschewed Facebook are all ears. No brain, obviously, but those ears....


  2. Hi there -
    I also have this rare disease... Good luck with your doctor's appointment (I am sure you did fine).

    Will be back to look later.