Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here we go...

Be gentle, it's a work in progress, but start spreadin' the word. I'll keep adding if you pass it on. I'll have some posters on there soon.

Thanks friends. Every journey starts with a single step and here's ours. We've taken on a few in the last little while, not it's time to take one where we're calling the shots, not a stupid disease.

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  1. I like the logo, Marta--it is a conversation starter.

    FYI: seems a lttle unstable at the moment (I tried it on three different browsers, with the same response). A good start, though....


  2. Marta:

    Mike and I think of you often and I added you to my prayer list(it now takes forever to get thru that one) We did miss your wrtitins over the hiliday and just today I gave out our e-mail so that we can share your site with another newbie to Wegener's. Mike is doing....well he is doing and 10 times a day I say that phrase it could be worse and he looks at me with those big brown eyes as if to say "yeah, don't think so" Anyway we got our T-shirts, love them and are looking forward to wearing for our next chemo. All the best to you!
    Mike & Kari