Thursday, November 17, 2011

Driving into the abyss

You know how when your car makes funny noises and you finally get it to the mechanic just so that it can work purr-fectly for him, and you feel like a fool-ass for wasting his time? Well, I'm going to drive through the worst snow storm so far this year to go see my doctor in Edmonton and I just got my bloodwork back and it looks awesome. I'm feeling stuff inside, but it is not at all reflected in my bloodwork. Brian said to me this morning "don't get upset if you see your ESR and CRP a bit high" - oddly enough this is one of those rare times I was actually hoping to see them a bit high but alas - on paper - I'm stRong like booll and smaRt like TRactor - (did you get my Eastern European accent from the way I wrote that down?). Anyways, I hope that we can have a solid discussion about next steps and nipping things in the proverbial bud with my super doc.

I've packed my car with all the emergency preparedness things you need when you drive through a big fat snow storm with all season tires - coffee, coffee, granola bars, blankets and everything else one needs to start a weinie roast, oh and some coffee (although I have to say that it's decaf - I've been off the 'juice' - caffeine - since two weeks before diagnosis - the withdrawl headaches were conveniently masked by the Wegener's headaches - see good things do come out of Wegener's.) Hopefully I wont need any of it, but being pred girl, the food wont go to waste. Nudge nudge wink wink.

See you on the flipside.

After thought: I just looked at all the road cameras on the highway and it looks quite nice throughout. Sunny and green. I almost thought I was looking at shots from the summer it looks so good. Oh well, at least I have munchies in the car now.

In my next life, I'm coming back as a super healthy weatherman.

Well. I'm taking my potshot at the weathermen back. I have no idea how the picture above could have possibly been taken at the time it said it was taken. I drove through that area not more than an hour later in a complete whiteout conditions with snow everywhere.  It was a harrowing drive, but I'm here now. In the biiiig city... ha ha.


  1. As 've said elsewhere, a road trip I have always found therapeutic. Have a great one, and don't let the muchies delay you!

    Dunno about some of your images, though. I know I am a pred-fueled, sensitive old geezer, but: "Into the Abyss"? "See you on the flipside"? "
    In my next life"? Have a heart, Marta! This is enough to make Wooly Boolies of us as we wait for the rake, watching the leaves fall in the Autumn of our lives, knowing that the winter is fast approaching....


  2. Ha ha Al, I use those in my everyday speech - way before WG. I've always had plans what I will be in my next life (or lives), I want to be all sorts of things that I can't in this life as it's far to late to get going on my theoretical physics PhD, or being a bull elk, or being a weatherman. The Abyss was the white snowy, cloudy looking thing also known as the highway to Edmonton (I felt like I was inside a ping pong ball for four hours yesterday while driving. I'm not in the Autumn of my life, I'm in early summer (haven't you heard, 50's are the new 30's and I'm 45, so that's really young - ha ha, I do have a five year old after all, I've got a lot of living to do yet.) As for winter fast approaching, I've got my skis shined up.... got a stick of juicy fruit, and ready to shred as much as possible this winter.

    The doctor visit was great. I love that lady. I feel like everything will be fine every time I see her. I told her that I don't want to go back to square one, and she told me it wont happen. We'll never let it go there again. I feel so lucky, blessed, fortunate to have fallen into the care of this amazing person.

    Maybe one day my pred-fueled, sensitive old self can meet your pred-fueled, sensitive old self and we can raise a toast to making it as far as we have with our spirits intact, and our bodies holding together despite the circumstances.

    Peace Al.

  3. I have just filled out the survey, I have been living with wegeners for 4 years now.I am so happy that there is somewhere to go to talk about this desease that I have been blessed with. I dont feel alone anymore. But really it is nice to see that we are not alone. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Wazy

  4. Hey Wazy,

    Thanks for hooking up. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been dealing with this nastiness for four years, but it's also a way to give us all hope that life can go on. One thing at the start when you look this thing up is that it's a very dire situation...that could be possibly fatal. Well we're here to show them otherwise. Here's to living with it for 50, 60, 70 years, and not only living but living well. Share your story if you like with the anthology. I've been so busy with life lately that I haven't done much as far as progress goes, but I will and I think it's totally worth all of us sharing our experiences. I look forward to hearing more from you and connecting more of us special creatures together.

    As the Vulcans say - Live long and prosper.

  5. Hi Marta, Thanks for your comments. I will be sitting down with my soon to be 16 year old daughter Kennedy to add my story to your book. She types alot faster and better that I do. I find that as much as I hate this desease it presents another challenge in the way we handle life. To me its another game as I have been actively involved in sports my entire life. I think thats why I can cope. Its a new game with new rules and different skills that need to be mastered. Sports teaches us that never say die mentality and really it works for me.Positive thinking and a fefusal to loose gets me through those harder days. I am not a fool to believe that everthing is ok because I want it to be but I wont let it control everthing that I want to do,Take care Wazy