Thursday, June 2, 2011

In the jaws of life

Inside the largest dinosaur in Canada
(it's always good to be safe and wear a helmet :))
 Hi friends and family. Sorry for the time away. I went with Hana and mom and dad to Dinosaur land for a few days away from the everyday stuff. It was rainy the ENTIRE time we were there, but it still was fun. Saw the Tyrell Museum of Paleontology and Hana totally dug all the dino stuff everywhere in the town. We even found a dino bone - I think it's a femoral head of a smaller creature (it looks just a bit bigger than a human femoral head - this is Physical Anthropology Marta speaking). We got to go up in the biggest dinosaur in Canada and look out of it's mouth at the surrounding geology. Pretty cool place.

I also had a cold that I've been dealing with since the beginning of the month, but just before we took off to Drumheller it went into my chest and aside from a little anxiety on my part it seems to have gone by without any collateral damage. I did go to the doc however and got some antibiotics to ensure it doesn't turn into a lung infection.... can't handle one of those right now. The funny thing is that the antibiotic I got has an interaction warning for people on prednisone - the combo can make your tendons and ligaments rupture. Sweeet! So I've been taking it real easy to ensure no ruptures. I did have my eardrum rupture while we were away though, and that was kinda cool. Not really. But the good thing is my doc looked at the ear that ruptured and said it looks better behind my eardrum now than it has in months and months. I can barely hear out of that ear, but she figures it's because the eardrum is healing and is a little stiff so not functioning the way it's supposed to. This too shall pass. I'm excited that summer is coming - or so the calendar says - Brian said it was snowing today all the way down to the lower chalet. Crazy weather. I'm spending some time in my garden and went for my first bike ride since the flare - that felt good... real good... just to be out there and using my own strength to propel fast enough to feel a little wind in my face. Oh the little things that you forget to appreciate when things are going well. I will strive to continue to do that every day - appreciate the little things.

Live long and prosper my friends.

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