Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year

I write this post on my brand spanky new laptop that I got for Christmas from my wonderful husband. I told him that I wanted to get a refurbished one so that I can work on the book project without being stuck to my desktop computer, and poof, this new jobbie came into my life. I have no excuses now.

It's the media weekend in Jasper and the snow has come down in huge heaps - maybe you media types need to come out to Jasper more often. I say 'you' because Brian told me that a few of you are following my blabberry blog after talking with you last night at the Astoria. I'm shocked, and delighted that non-weggies are interested. Thank you!!!!

So things are looking up again since we upped the chemo. It took a few days for the kick to stop 'kicking'. When I first started the treatment in May, I would get completely knocked out for hours on end. At first it was a complete knockout, then it turned into deep sleeps, then into light naps and unfortunately the naps eventually disappeared. When I upped the chemo on this go-around (50% more - as they only come in 50mg tablets and you can't split them) I definitely felt the 'whomph' of it, but not anything like in May. It's getting less 'whoomphy' each day, so I think my body's getting used to the new dose. Liver enzymes going down within even three days of the new regime. My inflammation markers were a little more stubborn but on my last bloods they too went down by a few points, so even though they're still quite high, the trend of upward mobility (good in other circumstances but not in this one) has stopped and reversed itself. Why is this such great news???? Because if they didn't stop moving up, my doc threatened to up the pred. That's worse than being told you have the starring role in a horror movie - and it makes you look like you belong in a horror movie when you're on the wicked drug. Soooo, I'm super happy that the trend has stopped and I don't have to go up again. Wooooo - hoooooo!!!!

I went for my third day of skiing this season yesterday when I dropped Hana off at Nursery School. I only have one or two runs max in me so it was perfect. It's so good to go out and feel some of the stuff that old Marta use to do. It gives me hope that one day things will be the same as they were before May of last year. My aerodynamic cheeks give me that extra super human strength to make super awesome carvy turns. Or not. Sure was great to be out there though. Feeling like a human and not a Weggie for a few moments.

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