Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saving the drama for my momma

Blah blah smoke blah. Still can't see the mountains but it's been OK hanging in the house. This morning I looked at the weather forecast and it's supposed to rain tonight and Hana said to me " does that mean you won't be a prisoner in your own house?" - it's amazing the hearing they have and then DON'T HAVE when you want them to do something. I love that little creature.

Bri went for a bike ride today up to Cavell "just to get the blood moving". I use to be one of those people that paid no attention to air advisories. I love THAT creature too.

I feel alright when I'm inside, so I'm sure it's the smoke that made me so whiny on my last post. I'm still at 25mg but I think I'll go down next week while we're on VACATION - wooot double woooot!!

Mom and dad bought a couple of hepafilters in case the smoke is crazy at our destination, so if I have to stay inside, so be it. I can start the book template - incidentally, spoke with a publisher's representative about that yesterday, so it's seeming more and more like reality. I'm stoked.

Hopefully this post wasn't as whiny as my last. I hate being a whiner.

Oh yeah, it's Rodeo Week in Jasper, and I'd like to thank, hug, kiss, etc. Hana the First for taking Hana the second to the Rodeo twice now. Love ya Hanas.

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