Monday, August 16, 2010

Here goes.

I've started playing with some ideas for T-shirts to get some awareness out there on Wegener's, have some fun with what we're dealing with (drug side effects, and more) and hopefully start the ball rolling with raising some money for research. Here's my first t-shirt design and any money that I make as profit (i.e. above what it costs me to produce and send out) goes to research for Wegener's. That goes for any money I might get from Google from people bouncing to various ads from my blog - I'm not holding my breath on that one though.
So, here they are... the first try. Looking for feedback. If I get some, there might be some tweaking of the design, otherwise, I can look into how much it will cost to print them and send them to you all throughout the world. Slightly anxiously looking forward to hearing what you think.

Here's the girl's / lady's / woman's / babe's (whatever you like to be called) shirt

Ladies Wegener's Granulomatosis T-Shirt design number UNO.

... and here's the boy's / guy's / dude's/ gentleman's/ man's version

Men's Wegener's Granulomatosis T-Shirt design numero UNO.

So, let me have it. I think I'm ready. Comments, suggestions, pred-rage, I'm ready for it all. I also have a few others brewing on my computer screen which I'll post in a bit.

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