Saturday, February 9, 2013

Going Global In Edmonton

Watch Global on Monday evening if you want to see me make a foo-ool out of myself. The amazing Su-Ling Goh is interviewing me about PJ Day. Hopefully we can get lots of people on board.

What does 'on bord' mean?

It means that regardless of what flavour of autoimmunity you have and support, you can put on your PJ's on March 1st and show the world that you're part of a bigger thing. Much much bigger than any of our individual diseases are alone. Together we can bring attention and we can push for research into the lowest common denominator of autoimmunity (which we still don't know about) and if we find that, we will surely find a cure not just for our specific disease (whatever it might be) but for all of us. Isn't that a wonderful thought?

If you want to do a fundraiser of any kind, put on your PJ's and do one and send the money to your favourite autoimmune disease charity that already exists. We don't want to take anyting away from anyone, we just want to show the world how very many of us are out there. Way too many but we still get treated like this is a 'rare disease' and get dismal medical attention most of the time, unless you're lucky and  have found a super amazing doctor like I have.

Let's change things and have some fun while doing it.

MONDAY NIGHT: It's now Monday night and the story didn't air tonight. Probably good too because I was a bit of a babbler in the not so good way. Didn't say half the stuff I wanted to but who knows how it will come out - Su-Ling is a pro and will do her best to make it OK. Will keep you posted.

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