Sunday, February 3, 2013

BT up for PJ's

The awesome gang from City TV's Breakfast Television are coming up for PJ Day on March 1st to help us spread the word and get that much closer to finding a common thread and curing all of us autoimmunies - not just Weggies.

I'm so stoked that while doing the happy dance after I found out, I tweaked my back and have been hobbling along ever since. You know, I use to be tougher than that. I could do so much and not feel a thing, but now I jump once from joy and pay for ever after. It's OK though, this kind of pain I'll take.

PJ Day will become a global hit. It's crappy but more and more people are getting sick, and it seems like you really want to do something about it when you or someone you love and watch suffering gets whacked by the autoimmune stick. Apparently there's a whole lot of hitting, so we will all join together one day and change this shitty situation, and our kids wont worry about having to deal with the crap and take toxic drugs that ravage your body in order to stop our immune system from doing the same.

Watch out AI Disease, here we come.

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