Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I think I was wrong

When I was panicked last week about flaring. I think I was wrong. Thank goodness!!! The symptoms I have been feeling and freaked out about (sending a panicked fax to my rheumy and having a bit of a panicked visit with my GP)  have all calmed down. I'm holding off going down on predi for another week just to make sure, but I'm hoping that it was just another blip. Hopefully Dr. Button doesn't start to see me as the 'boy who cried wolf' - this is my second freak out with weird symptoms. At least I got to remember where exactly the pain in my head was. I will never forget now.

What do you expect though, they've put all the responsibility in my hands without really telling me what to do if something odd happens. I will talk to Dr. Rheumy about that on our next visit.

The important thing is that it has not taken a turn for the worst, and is in fact much better than a week ago. Now it's time to concentrate on the good things and the positive goals on the horizon.

Talk soon.

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