Friday, November 9, 2012

Upward and onward

Many things going on in my bubble of non-reality known as Jasper. It's November 9th and I went for a ski today. Crazy. I am not what I use to be but being up there just has this healing effect on my soul and everything around it. Kinda like what Maui does to me. I only went for a few runs because I just don't have the jam, but boy it was wonderful.

I've also decided to go with the better option of those presented to me and will be retiring on disability. What I told the wonderful lady from the insurance company is that I know that I will have times where I'll feel strong and closer to the old me, and I'll have a hard time being a person on disability at those times, but I also know that I will need down time in the future because a big phat flare lurks just around the corner waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce. So I will do what many fight to get to do and go on disability,and I'll use my strong times to try and make things better for all of us. I'll feel justified then with the disability thing and it'll be good for all of us. I have gotten together the most amazing group of people for our Board of Directors for the new Non Profit Society we're starting up. We have my awesome sister Hana Rode, who runs the Carpet Studio, Sue Cesco, Manager of Friends of Jasper National Park, Steph Sophocleous, Manager of Tekarra Motel and co owner of The River Stone Yoga Studio, Richard Ireland, Mayor of Jasper and partner at Rodger and Ireland Barristers and Solicitors, and little old me, Marta Rode, Weggie instigator. You watch what happens when this group get their hands in the batter. For this coming March 1st we'd like to take last year's Pajama Day success and multiply it exponentially. I will keep you posted as events unfold, but we're taking the world by storm this coming March. Get your PJ's ready.


  1. I am amazed at how much energy you have both for what you do and what you organize to support yourself and others. So happy you enjoyed your soul lifting skiing. I can completely relate to this, often enjoying to join in the dance, even though I know I will suffer physically after as the benefits it brings to my spirit are necessary to take life out of mere existence. Saw your great article at Also just wanted to let you know you are a link on my autoimmune blogs page.

  2. Hey Lesley,

    Thanks for the kind words. I just went through your blog. Looks great. I think we're on the right track bringing it all together. Here's a link to my other blog that I think would fit in perfectly with yours. Maybe you can contact me and we can scheme something together for March 01 for Pajama Day. I think it can only be effective if all of the sudden there are millions of people in PJ's all over the world, so if you can pull something off in your corner of the planet, it will pack way more punch than just me doing it. Let me know if you want to coordinate.

    I loved skiing the other day. You seem to know exactly what I mean and why I am doing it. If nothing else we've learned is that live is short, and you have to prioritize how you dole out your energy and what the payback is for your existence. Raising your soul a few notches is worth feeling like poo poo for a few days.

    Keep it up and maybe we wont have to do this at one point in our lives because our efforts will lead to the elimination of this crappy group of diseases.

    Ciao for now.