Friday, April 15, 2011


So it's been just over a month since my first Rituximab infusion and things are looking brighter. I had a bit of a dip but it seems to be clearing itself up. One little downside is that after just one day back at Nursery School, Hana got some bug and now I think I might have gotten it from  her as well. That kinda bugs me. I know that those environments are little petry dishes, but it's so blatantly obvious that it makes me a little angry. I had been keeping her from school the week before the second infusion as I couldn't get anything or the whole thing would be a waste, a $10,000 waste as well as my chance at getting healthier. Then there were two weeks of holidays for Spring Break. We've managed to stay healthy for a long time while the world around is sniffling... then off she goes to school on Monday and is sick by Wednesday. I just started coughing this morning but I believe now that I have no B cells, my immune response is slower. Hopefully this blows over soon and healing continues.

Woo hoo Rituximab!

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  1. I hope what Hana cought and brought home for you will not make you too sick for too long. Hopefully the rtx will kick some serious ass soon and you can taper on the pred. Not to fast of a taper though.